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This is an excellent Window Manager! It has an info document ready in Emacs.


  • mode-line add group information
  • like C-e for opening a browser
  • rule based window

2 Installation

In order to use ttf-fonts module, the lisp clx-truetype package needs to be installed. Install the slime IDE for emacs, install quicklisp, then install it using quicklisp. Follow the description in lisp wiki page.

3 General

Same as ratpoison:

  • C-t C-h: show help
  • C-t !: run shell command
  • C-t c terminal
  • C-t e: open emacs!
  • C-t ;: type a command
  • C-t :: eval
  • C-t C-g: abort
  • C-t a: display time
  • C-t t: send C-t
  • C-t m: display last message

3.1 Get Help

  • C-t h k: from key binding to command: describe-key
  • C-t h w: from command to key binding: where-is
  • C-t h c: describe command
  • C-t h f: describe function
  • C-t h v: describe variable
  • mode-line: start mode-line

4 Window

  • C-t n
  • C-t p
  • C-t <double-quote>
  • C-t w list all windows
  • C-t k kill current frame (K to force quit)
  • C-t # toggle mark of current window

5 Frame

  • C-t s: hsplit
  • C-t S: vsplit
  • C-t Q: kill other frames, only retains this one
  • C-t r: resize, can use C-n, C-p interactively
  • C-t +: balance frame
  • C-t o: next frame
  • C-t -: show desktop

Other commands

to remove the current frame
clear the current frame, show the desktop

To resize frames interactively, C-t r and then use the arrows.

6 Groups


  • C-t g c: create: gnew. Also available for float: gnew-float
  • C-t g n: next
  • C-t g o: gother
  • C-t g p: previous
  • C-t g <double-quote>: interactively select groups: grouplist
  • C-t g k: kill current group, move windows to next group: gkill
  • C-t g r: rename current group: grename
  • C-t G: display all groups and their windows
  • C-t g g: show list of group
  • C-t g m: move current window to group X
  • C-t g <d>: go to group <d>

7 Configuration

(stumpwm:define-key stumpwm:*root-map* (stumpwm:kbd "C-z") "echo Zzzzz...")

Author: Hebi Li

Created: 2017-06-14 Wed 22:42