Program Analysis

Table of Contents

1 Tools

1.1 Daikon (forked)

Have a set of front end, Fjalar for C. Written in Java. For C programs, it uses Fjalar to instrument, and run to get trace. Then it analyze the invariants.

1.2 CIL (forked)

CIL (C Intermediate Language) is a high-level representation along with a set of tools that permit

  1. easy analysis and
  2. source-to-source transformation of C programs.

It is lower than AST but higher than typical IR. It remove the ugly corners of C and output a standard language. It can support AST and CFG.

1.3 Valgrind (forked)

Valgrind is an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools.

1.4 Fjalar (forked)

It is a valgrind plugin.

Kvasir traverses through data structures at run time and outputs their values to a trace file. The main role of Kvasir is to serve as a C/C++ front end for the Daikon dynamic invariant detector. Kvasir provides Daikon with value traces, and Daikon infers likely invariants over the data structures observed in those traces.

The problem of instrumenting C code is: when instrumenting source code, it is

  1. hard to make type safe
  2. cannot know heap array size

But a binary instrumentation suffers from not getting enough rich information. They seem to perform a mixed solution.

1.5 PIN

A dynamic binary instrumentation tool.

As a dynamic binary instrumentation tool, instrumentation is performed at run time on the compiled binary files. Thus, it requires no recompiling of source code and can support instrumenting programs that dynamically generate code.

They are supporting windows, not good.

1.6 CCured