Table of Contents

1 Basic Navigation

key action
g goto url
G edit url
C-x C-f goto url in new buffer
C-x C-b select buffer
B back
F forward
f hint (can use number and TEXT)
r reload
C-u f open link in new buffer
c copy link url by selection
c 0 copy current link url
i c copy image url
* * c copy selected dom
s save link
i s save image
]] "next" page
[[ "previous" page
\ view source
C-c C-c submit form
q close current buffer
C-x k close buffer

2 Getting help

key action
C-h t tutorial
C-h i help
C-h b list current key-bindings
C-h k describe key
C-h f describe command
C-h v describe variable

3 Commands

Commands can be called directly by M-x. To reload the init file, use the command reinit.